Bud … What Is It Exactly? Hemp Bud vs. Marijuana Bud? See Here



bəd | Noun

A bud (or flower) is the smokable part of the female cannabis plant covered in cannabinoid-rich trichomes. Hemp and marijuana are varieties of cannabis bred to produce flowers with different THC content. Marijuana buds contain high levels of THC, which is the main purpose behind their cultivation. Hemp buds are completely opposite because they deliver low THC levels (less than 0.3%) and high levels of CBD. 

“Mr. Hemp Flower’s buds are always fresh, top-shelf hemp.”

“Before I discovered the CBD bud, I loved me some weed, but always felt like the THC was too much.”

What Is It? 

It’s the most useful part of the cannabis plant that houses resin glands rich in cannabinoids and trichomes. The aroma, color, and density of the trichomes indicate the quality of the cannabis flower. The trichomes are sticky, fine “hairs” or outgrows on the cannabis flower and the source of resin and cannabinoids.  

The United States noticed an increase in consumption of CBD flower products as of 2019. This part of the cannabis plant is getting dried and cured before being ready to smoke. Manufacturers today offer many different types of hemp flower products, including pre-rolls, pre-roll blunts, dried and cured CBD and CBG buds, etc. 

You can smoke hemp flower in a joint or bowl, which will get CBD into your bloodstream as fast as possible. While you’ll get all of the benefits through smoking, the only drawback of this method of consumption is that any type of inhalation of smoke is harmful to the lungs. 

Final Thoughts

The cannabis bud or flower is an essential part of the plant because it carries resin glands rich in cannabinoids and terpenes.