Bowl … What Is It Exactly? How To Pack a Bowl of CBD Flower? See Here



ˈbōl | noun

The bowl is an essential component of a pipe or a bong. It’s the rounded-out part into which you pack your CBD flower. Also known as a slide, this accessory holds the ground flower in place and is the main part of any bong. Like other accessories, you can remove it from the bong and clean it separately. It can be carved out of wood, ceramic, bamboo, or made from plastic and glass. Many artisans use their creative skills to turn this smoking accessory into art with carvings and decorative touches.  

“I just bought my first glass bong from a local North Carolina artist. The bowl is painted like a wild red mushroom.”

“The bowl is one of the most important components of a pipe or a bong.”

How to Pack a Bowl of CBD Flower

Regardless if you want to pack a pipe for a personal smoking session or prepare a bowl for a party, follow these fundamental steps to optimize the smoking experience. 

Step 1: Choose the right pipe, preferably one made from glass. The pipe should have a bowl that’s deep enough to pack your CBD flower in. 

Step 2: Light the bowl using a lighter, hemp wick, or a traditional butane torch. The market offers a myriad of heaters, so if you want to avoid the butane flavor in your CBD flower, go for a different option. The lighter should offer the optimal heating control when combusting a bowl. 

Step 3: This is the step when you loosely grind your CBD flower with a grinder or with your fingers. Make sure the flower is evenly broken down, but avoid grinding it too finely. 

Step 4: Should you place a screen at the bottom of the bowl to prevent debris from passing through? This is optional, but keep in mind that a screen does create a smoother flow of air. 

Step 5: Pack the bowl with CBD flower by adding more at the top and decreasing the density towards the bottom. You can also use a stem or a nice-sized calyx to stuff the bottom of the bowl and prevent pieces from passing through. These tips will facilitate a better airflow and a nicer burn. 

How to Smoke a Bowl of CBD Flower

First, take your lighter and position it right over the top of the bowl. Light the flower and inhale while keeping the thumb over the carb to bring smoke into the chamber. Take the thumb off the carb and inhale the CBD-laden smoke. Don’t forget to take your mouth off the pipe when exhaling to avoid scattering the flower. Last but not least, enjoy your smoking session and all the benefits from it. 

Final Thoughts

A bowl is an essential piece of a pipe or a bong into which you pack your CBD flower.