Blunt … What Is It Exactly? How To Roll A CBD Blunt? See Here



ˈblənt | Noun

Blunts are one of the most common smoking devices for weed and now CBD flower. Traditional blunt wraps are cigars (cigars contain tobacco and nicotine) hollowed out and filled with ground marijuana. People enjoyed them for years, but many were seeking alternatives due to the presence of tobacco and nicotine in these traditional wraps. 

Recently, hemp companies have started offering 100% pure hemp blunt wraps for CBD flower. These are better than traditional wraps because they are nicotine-free, and some of them even contain CBD. 

“I needed a break from THC, tried hemp CBD blunts, and now they are my go-to.” 

“I don’t like rolling my own CBD blunts; I prefer buying pre-rolled.” 

Blunt Wraps vs. Hemp Wraps 

There isn’t much difference between hemp wraps and blunt wraps regarding their use rolling and smoking. Both are easy to roll and have a nice, even burn (depending on the brand). 

The main difference between the two is the lack of nicotine in hemp wraps. Some people purchase blunt wraps, or they empty a pre-rolled cigar and replace the tobacco with weed. They enjoy the taste of tobacco and nicotine mixed with cannabis because it gives them a buzz. While you won’t feel that “buzz” with hemp wraps, eliminating nicotine from your life may be something you’re considering. Regardless if you enjoy smoking hemp or weed, hemp wraps will do the trick. 

Origin of The Term Blunt 

An American brand of cigars, Phillies Blunts, manufactured a cigar called a blunt. Over time, the practice of emptying the cigar of tobacco, filling it with cannabis, and smoking it became tied to this term. This brand helped popularize the use of a cigar for cannabis consumption.

Blunt vs. Joint

Here are some differences between blunts and joints:

Wrapping Material

The first thing you might notice about these two products is their appearance. This is because they are made from different materials. Joints are made from rolling papers and are typically white if bleached or a lighter shade of tan if unbleached. 

Nicotine Content

Blunts have nicotine, which means cannabis smokers will be exposed to some levels of nicotine from the tobacco leaf. In a 2016 study in 2016 published in Drug and Alcohol Dependence, researchers reviewed the wrappers of five different cigar brands. They revealed that the total nicotine content across all wrapper samples ranged from 1.2 to 6.0 milligrams per cigar. Many enjoy combining tobacco and cannabis in a joint (known as spliff), but due to the presence of tobacco in the cigar paper, adding extra is unnecessary. 

Consumption Experience

Blunt wrappers are sturdier and heavier than joints. This means that you can wrap more cannabis (around 2 grams or more) in a single blunt than in a joint. Blunts also have a thicker cigar paper, which makes them burn more slowly than joints. They are a favorite among consumers because of their larger size that allows longer smoking sessions. 

Blunt vs. Hemp Wraps

The main difference between these two is that hemp wraps don’t contain any nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive and unhealthy substance that many people struggle with. It’s actually used as a pesticide, which makes it really bad for your lungs when inhaled. Hemp wraps are a better alternative because they feel, roll, and smoke similarly but don’t give the same nicotine “buzz.”

Some hemp wraps contain CBD, which is non-addictive and non-psychoactive. So, does that mean that hemp wraps are the healthiest alternative? It depends on how you see it. At the core of it, they do offer the advantage of being nicotine-free. However, it’s a fact that smoking is harmful to the lungs, regardless of the source of the smoke. 

How Much Does a CBD Blunt Cost? 

Pre-rolled CBD blunts can cost anywhere from $5 to $20, depending on the brand, the quality of the CBD flower that it’s rolled with, etc. Hemp wraps for CBD flower can cost anywhere from $1 to $3, which is around the same price of weed blunt wrap. 

Pipes vs. Blunts

Is there a difference in the effects produced by blunts and other cannabis paraphernalia, like pipes? This question is more relevant in the weed industry because there may be a difference in the high created by these two. 

For example, the user may get the impression that blunts get them higher than pipes because of the head rush effect coming from the tobacco used in the production of blunts. In reality, blunts generate a more potent buzz because they hold more cannabis than an average pipe. With CBD flower, the user may feel the “buzz” of CBD flower (doesn’t produce a mental high but amazing body sensation) more with a pipe for the same reason. 

How to Roll a CBD Blunt

If you want to take a shot at rolling one of these, follow these steps: 

Grind Your CBD Flower

Before you start rolling, you need to break down your CBD flower. You can use your grinder if you have one or break down the flower with your fingers. Grinding the flower breaks it down more evenly, which leads to a more even burn. A disadvantage of using your grinder is that the flower may burn more quickly. This is why many prefer breaking down their hemp by hand. Try both methods and stick with the one that works best for you. 

Fill Your Hemp Wrap

Take your hemp wrap and add the ground CBD flower to its center. Spread it lengthwise until it’s filled with the desired amount of flower. You can add as much as you prefer, but typically, 1 to 2 grams maximum will fill in the wrap. The amount of hemp flower a blunt can fit depends on the type of wrap you are using. 

Place a Filter (optional)

After you’ve added the CBD flower, you can place a filter to one side of the wrap. A filter is an optional step as it’s not 100% necessary. A filter acts as a mouthpiece and stops loose CBD flower from getting into your mouth when inhaling. Most hemp wraps come with a filter, but if they don’t, you can make your own from thin cardboard or undyed business cards. 

Roll and Seal 

Once the filter is placed correctly and the CBD flower evenly distributed, roll and seal your blunt hemp wrap. Tuck one edge of the wrap under the other, lick the exposed edge lengthwise and seal it all together. If you notice any rips or cracks, use a small piece of excess wrap to seal the tear. 

A trick that’ll help you seal your CBD blunt and ensure a more even burn is to “bake” it by running a lighter around its exterior. Be careful, you don’t want to light the blunt and start smoking, but just dry out the moisture and seal it. To do this, keep the lighter a safe distance from the wrap. Now that you’re all set, you can light it up and savor it or save it for later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you roll a few CBD blunts at the same time and save them for future use? 

You absolutely can. Once you’ve had a rolling session, you can store your CBD blunts for future use. If you plan on waiting for more than a week, you should make sure they’re adequately stored and stay fresh as long as possible. Keep in mind that if the plant material in your hemp wrap has been properly dried and cured, the blunt can be stored for quite a long time. 

The key to maintaining freshness is to store them in an airtight container in a cool and dark spot. This way, your blunts will be good to go for months. Unless they’re moldy or broken, you can still smoke them, even if you’ve completely forgotten about them. Now, it won’t be the same as smoking them fresh, which means they’ll likely lose some of their potency and be a little harsh. 

Are CBD blunts addictive? 

Cannabidiol as a compound is non-addictive and doesn’t get the user high. CBD flower contains less than 0.3% THC, which is not enough to get you high and addicted. But, this smokable product does have the potential to be habit-forming because it’s pleasurable. 

In comparison to the benefits it offers, CBD flower is definitely worth the try. Some people use it as an alternative to alcohol and opioids (or mix it under a doctor’s supervision) to relieve pain and eliminate the use of highly addictive substances. 

Are CBD blunts healthier than cigarettes?

Smoking hemp (and cannabis in general) has not been linked to major health risks associated with regular cigarette smoking. But, we’re still at the early stage of cannabis research, which means we don’t know the consequences of long-term hemp use. What we know is, smoke of any kind irritates the lungs and could result in potential health hazards. In particular, nicotine is a known dangerous and highly addictive chemical, and that’s not the case with hemp.  

Final Thoughts

A blunt is traditionally known as a cigar (tobacco-leaf “wrap”) that’s been hollowed out and filled with weed. Now we have CBD blunt wraps made from hemp that are nicotine-free and contain trace amounts of cannabinoids.