Autoflower … What Is It Exactly? See Here



aw-toh ˈflau̇(-ə)r | Noun

Autoflowering is a genetic characteristic that allows cannabis plants to start their flowering phase automatically. The flowering happens regardless of changes in light cycles. Typical sativa and indica hemp plants need their daylight hours reduced to start their flowering phase of the growing cycle. Autoflowering hemp plants, on the other hand, come from special autoflowering seeds that give them the ability to begin flowering based on the plant’s age. They are different from standard varieties and contain Ruderalis genes. 

Autoflower seeds allow hemp plants to start flowering automatically and as fast as 2 to 4 weeks.”

Autoflowering hemp seeds may produce multiple harvests within the same season.” 

More About Autoflowering 

Autoflowering hemp varieties are also known as day-neutral genetics of Cannabis ruderalis and begin their flowering phase automatically. Cannabis ruderalis is the third variety of Cannabis, a low-THC subspecies native to Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. 

These varieties are different from regular, full-term Cannabis sativa and indica varieties that receive 18 to 24 hours of sunlight before flowering. These traditional varieties “flip” to their flowering cycle after being exposed to 12 hours of darkness. 

Autoflower Hemp Seeds

These seeds produce hemp plants that flower on their own after 2 to 4 weeks of growth. The autoflowering process is relatively quick and efficient, leaving 8 to 12 weeks for the plants to be ready for harvest. 

Once the plants enter the flowering stage, they stop growing and put their energy into producing buds. If the plants are outdoors, this will happen naturally, when the days get shorter, around the end of summer. This gives growers peace of mind about switching the light schedule to begin and maintain the flowering phase. A process they need to monitor when growing feminized photoperiod hemp. 

One of the advantages of these seeds is that they can jump from seed to harvest in a matter of weeks. Another benefit is that they survive in extreme climates and may produce multiple harvests within the same season. 

A potential downside of autoflower seeds is that they produce lower quality, less potent flower than other varieties. This again depends on the grower, the seeds, and the environment. In general, hemp autoflower hits around 30:1 CBD to THC ratios and remains compliant. 

How to Grow Them? 

You can purchase these seeds online from a hemp seed retailer. When it comes to growing, you can grow them in both indoor and outdoor environments. If you live in a warmer climate, these seeds are perfect because they allow you to take advantage of multiple growing seasons. They also don’t need a high level of nutrients because they work independently. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to give them more space to flower because they can grow up to 4 feet tall. 

Final Thoughts 

A select type of hemp seeds that give the plant the ability to flower automatically without prolonged periods of darkness.