Ash Catcher … What Is It Exactly? See Here

Ash Catcher

Ash Catcher

ˈash ˈka-chər | Noun

An attachment that keeps your water pipe or bong clean. No one likes to hit a dirty pipe, and this tool keeps your pipe clean from ash and other byproducts of smoking. Before choosing an ash catcher for your device, you should know its features like the weight of the pipe, the joint size and joint angle.

“If you regularly use your water pipe to smoke cannabis and want to hit it clean, you need an ash catcher.”

“An ash catcher turns your water pipe into a work of art that looks like it came out of a science experiment.”  

The Purpose of An Ash Catcher 

This accessory is essential for filtering the smoke and reducing the amount of tar that goes to the water pipe’s main chamber. To put it short, it prevents debris from entering your water. A glass one is ideal because it allows you to see all of the debris staying out of the water. This accessory comes in different styles, sizes, and colors that you can choose from to match your pipe. 

How to Use It? 

The ash catcher is a small glass chamber that you place on the joint of your water pipe. It’s filled with water, keeps your pipe clean for longer so that every puff is fresh and pure. You light up the hemp flower in the bowl as per usual, with the difference of knowing that the ash catcher keeps everything neat and clean. 

This accessory does need water, but not too much because it can overflow into the bong or pipe. If you put too much water in it, you might also experience the splashback effect. As a rule of thumb, keep the waterline below the downstream, and you’ll have the optimal experience. 

Is It Worth It? 

Absolutely. This accessory keeps your bong clean for longer compared to using it without it. You can also get to only cleaning the ash catcher without cleaning the entire device, which is easier and saves you time. With this adapter on, you’ll have your pipe ready to use at all times. 

How to Clean It? 

It’s easy to remove for cleaning and easy to reattach afterward. Pour in 90% isopropyl alcohol and coarse salt, shake well, dump the alcohol, and rinse with warm water. For an especially dirty ash catcher, let the solution of alcohol and salt soak in for 24 hours before rinsing.  

Final Thoughts

An ash catcher is a water pipe add-on attached at the joint that keeps your pipe and percolators clean.