Wholesale Delta 8 THC Flower, Oils, Pre Rolls, Gummies and More

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pre rolls

Pre Rolls

Retail ready and selling like hot cakes. Each pre roll is packed with high CBD flower that has been sprayed with d8 oil, then dipped in d8 oil again.

delta 8 carts

Vape Carts

Standard 5/7 thread carts fits all vape pens. 1 gram of d8 distillate in each cart.

3000mg d8 gummy


These are a must have in any shop. 10mg and 20mg d8 gummies available in 5 and 15 gummies per pack. Enormous gummy in picture not for sale 🙂

3.5 gram jars

Retail Ready Eighth Jars (3.5 grams)

Read for the shelf, but wont last long on it. These eighths are guaranteed to be your best seller. High CBD flower with added Delta 8 oil.

Bulk hemp flower pounds

High CBD Flower Sprayed With Delta 8 Distillate

We got hemp by the ton over here. Need d8 pounds? Hit us up! CBG flower with delta 8 available also!

Pricing: $800-1,000 a pound depending on quantity

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