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ˈkri-stə-lən | Noun

Crystalline is the purest form of hemp concentrate on the market. This hemp extract typically consists of a single type of cannabinoid. When derived from hemp, it’s the purest form of hemp CBD (over 95%), hence its crystalline structure. Crystalline is crafted through the refining process of CBD oil and serves as a base for making other hemp CBD products. As a CBD isolate, it typically lacks the flavor and some of the medicinal benefits offered by other concentrates. 

“Hemp-derived CBD crystalline is my favorite type of concentrate.”

“I tried dabbing CBD crystalline rich in terpenes today; my taste buds exploded with flavor.”           

What is crystalline?

This cannabis concentrate can be made from both hemp and marijuana. It consists of a single type of cannabinoid most commonly cannabidiol (CBD), tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA). When exposed to heat, the THCA converts to THC, making the crystalline intoxicating. Also known as “crystals” or “diamonds,” crystalline comes in a solid state that resembles coarse sugar the one used for glittering tops of baked fruit pies or sugar cookies. 

Differences between crystalline and other concentrates

Made of one cannabinoid, this concentrate is free from waxes, esters, chlorophyll, and plant material. It’s refined to the highest level of purity. This is one of the most significant advantages of isolate products. They are free from harmful traces of solvents, pesticides, and other contaminants. Isolates are also easier to dose and excellent for people in need of higher doses of CBD. Many consumers also like that they are odorless and tasteless.  

But, all of these positives come with a huge disadvantage of crystals over other concentrates. Typical isolates don’t offer the advantage of the entourage effect because they don’t contain other naturally occurring hemp compounds, including terpenes. The entourage effect is a theory that implies that cannabinoids have a stronger effect when paired with terpenes. 

Recently, vendors started offering crystals that are an exception to the rule. The Mr. Hemp Flower Sour Diesel CBD Crystal is a strain-specific crystal that keeps the vital components that activate the entourage effect. It retains the distinct aromatic and flavor qualities of the Sour Diesel hemp strain. Due to the presence of the unique terpenes nerolidol and terpineol, this product emits a floral, woody aroma that reminds of fresh tree bark. Rich in caryophyllene and humulene, this concentrate also has a spicy flavor and leaves a spicy-like sensation on both the lips and nose when inhaled.

How to use it? 

This product can be smoked, vaped, dabbed, ingested, or applied topically. 


Dabbing CBD is a new consumption method among hemp consumers, but it’s quickly becoming a popular one. Dabbing requires more preparation than other methods. When dabbing, you melt the concentrate and inhale the vapor that goes directly into your lungs and the bloodstream. It’s fast-acting, efficient, and delicious. To dab, you’ll need a dab rig, torch lighter, and a dabbing tool. Once you get the right accessories, follow these steps:

  1. Put the crystals on your dab tool. 
  2. Heat the nail with the blow torch until it’s red hot. Wait for it to cool down a little bit. It typically takes about 20 seconds to heat the nail and 60 seconds for it to cool. 
  3. Put the crystals on the nail and as they begin to melt, inhale immediately. 

CBD Oil and Edibles

Melt your CBD crystal in a solution of oil and create a potent tincture. Use it sublingually place a few drops under your tongue and hold for a few seconds before swallowing. This method bypasses the digestive tract and, like vaping, absorbs it into the bloodstream. 

You can turn this product into edibles. Because CBD isolate is odorless and tasteless, you can use it to make brownies, cookies, and CBD butter. But, keep in mind that high temperatures make cannabidiol lose its potency. So, make sure to keep the temperature between 350- and 400- degrees Fahrenheit to avoid that from happening.

You can also place it into a cup of coffee or tea. The drawback of this consumption method is that enzymes break down CBD  in the digestive system. This means that it won’t give you as intense a sensation as dabbing or sublingual consumption.  

Smoking and Vaping

Like other concentrates, you can put it on top of some hemp flower and smoke it using a device. If you prefer vaping, place your dose into the vaporizer’s concentrate holder, choose a temperature (preferably a lower temperature) and inhale. 

Topical Use

You can create your own soothing creams, lotions, or topical oils using this concentrate. You can dissolve them into your oil of choice, preferably hemp seed, olive, and coconut oil. These topicals are perfect for anyone in need of an effective cream that’s safely applied directly to the skin. 

How is it made? 


Manufacturers use different methods to make CBD crystalline. All of these methods have the same crystallization principles and include the use of solvents, high heat, and cooling sessions. The final goal is purification of CBD and getting to the highest percentage. 

This concentrate is produced from a hemp extract. The initial extraction is achieved using supercritical carbon dioxide or solvents. After obtaining the CBD extract from the hemp plant, purifying/filtrating it is the next step. This first extract contains plant matter, terpenes, and cannabinoids. The purification process filters most of the residual plant materials. 

Manufacturers use special equipment, or a chromatography machine, to make CBD crystals. Before starting this process, the CBD extract must be winterized. That’s because, in its natural state, the extract contains all of the undesirable elements like fats, lipids, and waxes. So, the CBD extract goes through “winterization,” a process that removes traces or additional product left behind after initial filtration. After winterization, the extract becomes CBD distillate. If the distillate is still cloudy, it means impurities are present, and they “winterize” it until clear. 

After purification, the distillate is being filtered and pressurized, which results in extraction of CBD in a collection chamber that contains some evaporable solution. If the distillate contains remaining THC, it will filter this component at the end of the extraction process because CBD is smaller particles that reach the bottom first. For maximum purity, manufacturers repeat this process several times. The remaining product is a fine, white powder that’s 99% CBD. 

The purified CBD extract is collected and stored. Manufacturers heat the solution to obtain the crystal product, and as it evaporates, it leaves behind the pure CBD crystals.   

This process is essentially mixing a refined hemp concentrate with a solvent. Then applying heat and pressure to evaporate the solvent, which allows the crystals to form. 

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