Bubbler … What Is It Exactly? How To Use It? See Here



ˈbə-b(ə-)lər | Noun

A handheld water pipe for smoking CBD flower that falls under the bong category. Its parts create a structure that reminds of a mini-bong combined with a regular spoon pipe. The bubbler pipe has a mouthpiece, bowl, steam, and water chamber. In comparison to a bong, this smoking device typically has fixed bowls that can’t be removed. As the name implies, a bubbler may come with a percolator that aerates the smoke. If this water pipe comes with a fixed bowl, it contains a carb (hole) used to clear out the smoke. 

“A bubbler is a handheld water pipe that looks like if a mini-bong and regular spoon pipe had a child.”

“The trickiest part of smoking from a bubbler is knowing how much water to pour in.”

What Is It? 

It’s an innovative smoking device that makes smoking your CBD flower more convenient. A bubbler combines the benefits of a full-sized bong and regular spoon pipes. 

If you compare a bong and a bubbler, even at first glance, you can notice that the difference between them is in their size. This water pipe uses water filtration, just like a regular bong, to produce pure and smooth smoke.

If you are debating between a bubbler and a water bong, it all comes down to convenience. The bubbler is handheld, which makes it way more discrete, easy to use, and portable. This means you can take it anywhere you want to go, including camping trips and musical festivals. For example, a pendant bubbler water pipe is a stylish pipe that comes with a piece of string that enables you to wear it around your neck. 

On the other hand, the difference between a regular spoon pipe and a bubbler is in the use of water filtration. A regular spoon pipe is small and easy to carry, but it doesn’t offer the same smoking experience as a bubbler. Water filtration is the key to getting a pure hit that enhances the smoking experience. 

How to Use It?

If this is your first time using a bubbler, follow these four steps for a well-rounded experience. 

Step 1: Fill the Water Chamber

The first step is to add a tiny amount of water into the water chamber of the pipe. You don’t need a lot, but you should have enough to produce bubbles without having the water splash into the bowl or the mouthpiece. So, to get the right amount of water, give the bubbler a quick drag to see if the water splashes or creates bubbles. 

Step 2: Pack Your CBD Flower

Once you make sure the water level is on point, pack the bowl with ground CBD flower. Take your favorite strain, grind it, and pack the bowl. Treat it like a regular spoon pipe, which means you shouldn’t pack it too tightly and prevent good airflow. 

Step 3: Light It Up

First, place your thumb or finger over the carb hole (if yours has one). Hold the pipe to your mouth as you begin pulling in with your lungs, light a portion of the herb. Continue to pull in and notice how the smoke flows from the bowl into the water, creating tiny bubbles. The bubbles represent the cooling and filtering of the smoke. 

Step 4: Take Your Hit

The above step was to prepare and filter the smoke before you inhale it. So, when you are ready to take a hit, simply remove your thumb or finger from the carb hole, inhale, and observe how your breaths clear the chamber of the pipe. 

Differences Between Bubblers and Bongs

Can’t decide between a bubbler or a bong? We’re laying out the differences to help you make a decision. 

Size: As you might’ve noticed, bubblers are much smaller than traditional bongs. This makes them more convenient and mobile.  

Components: The biggest difference between the two is in their bowl and downstem. Typically, bongs have a cone-shaped bowl that’s movable and slides in and out of the downstem. Most bubblers have no downstem, their bowl is fixed and looks like the bowl of a spoon pipe. 

How Much Water Does a Bubbler Need? 

You don’t need too much water to get the right amount of water filtration of your smoke. Second, the amount of water you can put depends on the size of the smoking device. Larger water chambers need more water than smaller ones. 

How to check if you have just enough water in the water chamber? Test it out!

Before packing your bowl with CBD flower, pour a small amount of water into the chamber. Take the piece and give it a good drag with your lungs. Does it have enough water to create some bubbling action without the water splashing into the bowl or the mouthpiece? If so, you’ve got it just right. The key is to pour enough water to create bubbling without the splash.  

Final Thoughts

A small smoking device that falls under the bong category, but it’s portable and much more convenient to use.