What Is Linalool and Why You Should Look For It In Your Hemp Flower Strain

Linalool terpene uses and benefits

Linalool is a terpene that gives hemp its refreshing smell—it has a pleasant lavender scent with a touch of citrus. An Overview of Hemp Terpenes Terpenes are the main components of essential oils found in almost all plant life. These naturally-occurring compounds play an important role in the potency of the hemp plant. Cannabinoids, the […]

Smoking Hemp vs. Tobacco: Which One is More Harmful?

Smoking Hemp vs. Tobacco

Trying to cut all tobacco out of your life? Since the arrival of hemp pre-rolls, more and more people have found the ideal way to replace tobacco. Let’s be clear—smoke from both tobacco and hemp can irritate your lungs, and isn’t considered “good for you”. All smoking is bad for your lungs, including vaping. However, […]

Hemp Flower And Anxiety- Does It Work?

Hemp Flower For Anxiety

Breathe a sigh of relief (literally!) after a couple of “puffs” of hemp flower that may instantly alleviate your anxiety. . Worried about getting high? Well, you shouldn’t. Hemp flower contains trace amounts of THC that are not even close to getting you high. With hemp flower, you are receiving the healing effects of CBD […]

Benefits Of CBD Rich Hemp Flower

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Find out about the benefits and uses of CBD-rich hemp flower, the different effects they have on pain, mood, anxiety, appetite, and more in our in-depth article that answers all your CBD Hemp flower questions. Hemp is fully legalized at the federal level in the US. Now, modern research shows that its active compounds have […]